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It’s the Little Things That Make Your Home Different from the Rest!

Big Decisions Between Carpet, Tile, or Hardwood!

When building a home or remodeling your current home one of the biggest decisions come down to flooring. Since you do have to make this pricey choice it is extremely important you choose the one want, especially if you decide to install tile or hardwood. Carpeting is a cozy choice but since it does not hold up in time like tile or hardwood you may actually be paying a lot more over the years to come from re carpeting and carpet cleaning. Carpeting definitely looks nice when freshly installed and feels really good on your feet but in my opinion it makes a house look more aged once it is broken in. It is hard to get that fresh look with old worn down carpeting. Sometimes a good professional carpet cleaning can really doll it up! The pros at DYW Carpet Cleaning recommends that If you have old carpeting, you need to liven it up with a proven carpet cleaner! If you do decide solely on carpeting in the house I highly advise getting a high traffic carpeting. Shorter carpet shows less tracks and foot prints which in turn looks more kept and manicured. Here are a few examples from DYW Carpet Cleaning of really pretty high traffic carpets on the market today.

Beautiful High Traffic Carpeting!

Because colored carpet can go out of style quicker it is always a good idea to stick with neutral carpeting as well. Neutral carpeting shows less visibility of stains too! Next, on to tile! Tile is great! It looks nice and neat and you can keep it clean pretty easily! Tile definitely shows less dirt and traffic as carpet. Tile holds up really good and can keep a house cooler if you live in warmer climates. The really great thing about installing tile is you can accent with different colored rugs! If you get tired of one color rug then swap it out for a new one! Tile is a good choice for families and families with pets. You can clean up a spill in seconds and voila’ – good as new! The only downside of tile is it can be cold on your feet and occasionally if you drop something hard on tile it will crack. One other side note, slipping on tile is a pretty common mishap. Here are some great photo’s on beautiful tile floors!

Tile Floors!

Believe it or not the picture below looks like hardwood but it is actually tile! How cool it that!

Travertine tile is timeless and always a eye turner!

Lastly, lets talk hardwood floors! I absolutely love hardwood floors because they are timeless and never go out of style! The more worn and character the better in my opinion! Hardwood floors have been around for centuries because of the beauty of natural wood. There are so many excellent choices when deciding on hardwood floors as well. Color, texture, size, shape, and placement (vertical, horizontal) of wood. Here are a few examples of some beautiful textured hard wood floors!


Check this out for more info on the pros and cons of different types of flooring!

On to Window Treatments – They Can Make or Break Your Home!

Have you ever walked in to a home and thought, wow, they really need to update their window treatments! I know this happens quite often when I am assigned a new client. To me, there is nothing worse than seeing old outdated blinds or window treatments. Sometimes when I take the window treatments off completely it looks 100% better. Window treatments can make a beautiful bright room very dark and gloomy if you are not careful. It is so important to keep natural light sources in your home. Window treatments can be tricky. There is definitely an expense and that is perhaps why many people just keep the old outdated coverings. When searching for window treatments you should definitely do you homework and contact several different companies for quotes. A lot of local companies have a big annual savings month, usually right before the start of summer! Once you decide what windows you would like to have window treatments installed, next is to decide what kind. To start, my absolute favorite is plantation shutters. They are a bit pricey but if you plan to stay in your home for a while you will never get tired of them and they are very easy to keep clean. Another perk is for re sale value. When selling your home plantation shutters are always a huge selling point! Another option is faux wood blinds. They are really beautiful and will not break the bank! Fact is, Direct Buy Blinds have come a long way since they were first introduced. They actually look like real wood plantation shutters and other high dollar wood shutters! Keeping it simple and basic is always the best option for window treatments.